Vendor Portal Login

Obtain Your NEW Unique URL 

We’re excited to announce that Hatfield and Associates has successfully transitioned to our new vendor portal. For access, please reach out to your customer or contact Hatfield and Associates for the updated URL and login instructions. Thank you for your cooperation during this transition.

Contact Hatfield & Associates at (901) 507-2615


Our new Vendor Portal is an advanced solution designed to streamline collaboration between vendors and your organization – and makes managing logistics simpler than ever! With it at your side, logistics management becomes effortless! 

Our vendor portal provides vendors with an intuitive user-experience that facilitates smooth interactions with the logistics system at your organization. They can access essential information, automate BOL creation, submit necessary documents, and monitor shipment statuses in real time from one centralized platform. Please see our blog Optimizing Freight Management: The Transformative Influence of a Logistics Vendor Portal for a comprehensive list of the benefits our Vendor Portal can provide.