Transportation Management Solutions System 2.0

Optimize your supply chain with On-Demand TMS. Automate and streamline transportation management for enhanced visibility and control from planning to execution.

Streamline your Logistics with our Powerful TMS 2.0 Platform

With our Transportation Management System (TMS 2.0) technology, you gain better control over supply-chain operations, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Hatfield and Associates equips your TMS Software with the perfect combination of tools for your business. TMS 2.0 gives you the power to streamline your shipping processes.

Transportation management solutions in Memphis, TN

Streamline Processes

Streamline your logistics with our transportation management solutions. Effortlessly oversee all shipments from order placement to payment, simplifying your processes for enhanced efficiency.


Configure your business rules and tariffs to automate the mode, carrier, route, and insurance for your shipments.

Easy API Integration

Hatfield and Associates TMS 2.0 integrates with all ERP, WMS, OMS, and carrier systems.

Intuitive Insights

Make informed decisions through the use of an intuitive dashboard and reporting.

Increased Customer Service

Shipment notifications automate the customer experience

On demand transportation insight tms in Memphis, Tennessee

Comprehensive Logistics Data on Demand TMS

  • Shipment details: Comprehensive details about each shipment, including origin and destination addresses, carrier information, weight, and dimensions.

  • Shipment tracking: Real-time shipment tracking information, allows monitoring of the status and location of each shipment as it moves through the supply chain.
  • Carrier performance: Get carrier performance data, including on-time delivery rates, transit times, and service levels, which can help you make informed decisions about carrier selection and negotiate better rates.
  • Freight cost and payment: View detailed information about freight costs, including shipping rates, fuel surcharges, and accessorial charges, as well as automating the payment process for accurate and timely invoice processing.
  • Reporting and analytics: Customizable reporting and analytics, enable you to track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as shipping costs, carrier performance, and on-time delivery rates.
  • Compliance and regulations: View information about compliance requirements and regulations, including hazardous materials handling and international shipping restrictions, ensuring that your shipments are in compliance with relevant regulations.

Automation Ensures less Errors and more Savings

  • Order Processing: Our transportation management system automatically processes and manages shipping orders, including creating shipping labels, selecting carriers, and scheduling pickups.
  • Shipment tracking: Automatically track shipments in real-time, providing real-time visibility into the status of each shipment and sending automated updates to customers.
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  • Carrier Selection: Automatically select the ideal carrier for each shipment based on factors like cost, delivery time, and carrier availability.
  • Performance Reporting: Automatically generate performance reports that monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as carrier performance, on-time delivery rates, and shipment costs, giving valuable insights for better logistics management.
  • Freight Auditing and Payment: Automatically audit freight bills to guarantee accuracy, automate the payment process, and save time and resources required for manual invoice processing.
  • Compliance for Hazardous Materials: Our transportation management system helps to ensure compliance with regulations when shipping hazmat items by setting up rules and restrictions based on product type, destination, and carrier. Doing this reduces the likelihood of fines or legal action from occurring.
Transportation management system (tms) software in Memphis, Tennessee

Unlock Cost Savings with Intuitive BI Transportation Management System (TMS) Software

  • Optimize Routes: Get insights into transportation routes, to determine the most efficient and economical routes for shipments. By optimizing routes, transportation expenses are reduced and money is saved on fuel and labor.
  • Improved Load Planning: Our transportation management system analyzes shipping patterns and trends to optimize load planning. By consolidating shipments and maximizing truck capacity, businesses reduce transportation costs and minimize the number of trucks on the road.
  • Reduce Inventory Costs: Manage inventory through insight on delivery times and shipping schedules. Optimize stock levels, and reduce the need for excess items in storage and handling expenses.
  • Calculate the Lowest-Cost Carrier: Identify the least-cost carrier for a particular shipment based on factors like route, delivery time, and carrier rates. By analyzing this data, businesses can select the carrier that offers the greatest value for money – leading to significant savings on transportation expenses.
  • Enhance Supply Chain Visibility: Get real-time insight into the supply chain to proactively address problems and minimize disruptions by eliminating delays and improving efficiency. Save money on expedited shipping or emergency handling fees.
  • Identify Cost-Saving Opportunities: Recognize cost-saving opportunities by analyzing shipping data and pinpointing areas for improvement. Reduce transportation expenses, boost profit margins, and reinvest the savings back into other aspects of the business.
  • Streamline Administrative Tasks: Automate administrative processes like invoice processing and payment reconciliation, eliminating the need for manual labor and improving accuracy. By streamlining administrative activities, businesses save money on labor costs while minimizing errors.

Streamline your Operations with API Integration

  • Platforms: We integrate with most ERP, OMS, TMS, and WMS systems to create an easy to use and effective system.
  • ERP and WMS: Integrate with ERP and WMS to streamline processes, boost accuracy, and provide visibility throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Carrier Networks: Integrate with carrier networks to provide real-time access to carrier data, such as rates, schedules, and capacity.

  • API Feeds: Integrate API feeds from carriers to enable functions such as making pickup calls, printing labels, and tracking incoming and outgoing shipments, and more.
Transportation management solutions in Memphis, Tennessee
Transportation management system (tms) software in Memphis, Tennessee

Vendor Portal

Our vendor portal streamlines the shipping process by automatically selecting and dispatching our preferred carrier, validating items for accuracy (allowing charge-backs if necessary), dispatching carrier service and creating a bill of lading for vendor use.

Other benefits include:

  • Enhance vendor compliance to increase adherence with requirements and standards
  • Gain better control of shipments from suppliers
  • Significantly lower transportation costs through effective optimization
  • Facilitate an efficient interaction between suppliers and customers for seamless collaboration
  • Maintain consistent branding across vendors for an enhanced brand experience for customers.

Spot Quote Module

Our Spot Quote Module allows you to request and receive spot quotes from various carriers or service providers for specific shipments or transportation needs. This gives you the power to compare pricing, service levels and other relevant elements to make informed decisions for their clients. 

Benefits include:

  • Cost Savings
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Flexibility & Agility
  • Transparency & Visibility
  • Quality Control
  • Efficient decision making
  • Value-added Services
  • Audit & Compliance
  • Time Savings
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