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Today’s business environment is fast paced, highly competitive, and ever changing. Hatfield and Associates’ transportation management services help businesses streamline their supply chain operations by optimizing the movement of goods and reducing transportation costs. 

By utilizing our logistics services, businesses will gain improved visibility and control over their shipments. Free up internal resources, reduce costs, and ship more efficiently when you utilize Hatfield and Associates services.

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Transportation Software Management and Development

Empower your shipping strategy with our tools, optimizing logistics center operations for efficient and reliable delivery.


Looking for expert advice? The pros at Hatfield and Associates have over 20 years of experience helping businesses save money and improve their supply chain.

Freight Invoice Audit and Payables

Hatfield and Associates offer expertise in optimizing your business's shipping methods. Through a thorough analysis of your data, we streamline processes, save costs, and excel in freight negotiation with shipping companies.

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Freight Audit and Pay​

Managing and processing freight invoices can be a time-consuming challenge, but with Hatfield and Associates, it becomes seamless. Our dedicated team, equipped with advanced freight audit software, efficiently receives, audits, manages, corrects, codes, and pays your invoices, liberating your team for more impactful endeavors.

Our comprehensive freight audit software meticulously examines each freight invoice, swiftly identifying errors. We collaborate with carriers to rectify issues and secure service refunds. With our audit and pay services, effortlessly track paid invoices, upcoming payments, audits, and more. Simplify your process by settling your consolidated invoice, leaving the intricate details to our capable hands.


  • Experienced professional pre-audit staff for all modes, domestic and international
  • Dedicated auditors and account clerk assigned to each client
  • On-line duplicate payment protection by freight bill, bill of lading, purchase order or any other data element
  • Multiple splits or account allocation per bill
  • Customized design of data elements captured. No limits to fields that can be captured
  • International audit and payment in multiple currencies
  • Small package line-item detail audit and reporting on service levels, accessorials, address corrections and incentive discounts
  • EDI Technology & experienced EDI staff
  • Paperless carrier invoicing using an EDI transaction set, flat file upload or our carrier web invoicing module
  • All accessorial charges, duties and foreign taxes are captures
  • Freight accrual capability
  • On-line verification of valid carriers, payees, accounts, etc
  • Imaging of exception items, or all paper invoices. Images are viewable on our website.
  • Capable of interface with client’s order entry and purchase order systems
  • Client and carrier have web access to payment status, check number, and remit detail. Carrier can download this information electronically and update their accounting systems.
  • Carrier payment aging based on client payment terms
  • Individualized client check stock-no commingling of payments. Client weekly and monthly close days based on client’s accounting calendar.


Hatfield & Associates, LLC offers cutting-edge freight audit software that streamlines logistics, reduces costs, and ensures accuracy. Our comprehensive solutions empower businesses to optimize freight management, enhancing efficiency and profitability through advanced technology and expert support.

Freight audit and payment software streamline logistics by automating invoice processing, verifying charges, and ensuring compliance. It reduces errors, saves costs, and enhances efficiency, enabling businesses to manage their shipping expenses more effectively and gain valuable insights into their freight operations.


  • Carrier overcharges corrected before payment
  • Client labor and administrative costs are reduced
  • Client transportation staff will have more time for analysis and planning
  • Valuable management reports are provided from data captured in the freight payment process

Management Reports

  • Reports assist clients in budgeting, account allocation, analysis planning, carrier negotiation and cost reduction
  • Reports are customized to client specifications at no additional cost
  • Standard, customized as well as ad-hoc reporting available on our website 24/7
  • Reporting available in a variety of formats such as Excel and may be downloaded into Excel, Access, Adobe or as a comma-delimited file.

Examples of typical reports include:

  • Carrier summary report (inboard and outboard, current and year-to-date)
  • Number of shipments, weight, expense, cost per cwt and/or per mile
  • Financial/Accounting allocation – by department, product, sales regions, etc
  • Carrier billing error analysis
  • Data reports – prompt by date (Excel format)
  • Expedited carrier report
  • Routing exception report
  • Premium freight report
  • Accessorial reporting by carrier and type of charge
  • Inbound and outbound traffic lanes – by city and state, or region
  • Private fleet report
  • Numerous small parcel/package reports

Transportation Management Software​

Once we have optimized your supply chain, this information will be configured into our all new TMS 2.0 software. Our API capabilities allow us to integrate into your current systems, ensuring a hassle free shipping interface. This will help you stay on track by automating your processes and making it easy to manage and oversee through our vendor portal.

Transportation Management System (TMS) software has become an indispensable asset for companies tasked with efficiently managing their shipping operations. TMS programs provide businesses with a centralized platform to oversee all aspects of transport – from planning and execution, to monitoring. With TMS software, companies can optimize their shipping processes, reduce costs and enhance customer service. TMS software gives businesses real-time insight into the entire shipping process so they can track shipments, assess carrier performance and make necessary adjustments as needed. Furthermore, TMS software helps companies manage complex shipping requirements like multimodal shipments or international shipments by automating compliance and documentation processes. By using TMS software, companies can streamline their shipping operations, reduce manual errors, boost efficiency and accuracy in logistics operations – ultimately leading to improved profitability.

Supply Chain Optimization

Optimizing your supply chain is one of the quickest ways to save your business money. Hatfield and Associates’ pairs our vast knowledge of the industry with our latest, in-house developed technology. By analyzing your current shipping methods, we can standardize your rates, optimize resources, and save you 15-30% on freight.
Optimizing the supply chain is critical for businesses seeking to stay ahead of competition in today’s marketplace. By streamlining goods and services, businesses can reduce expenses, boost efficiency levels, and boost customer satisfaction levels. By mapping out the supply chain, recognizing inefficiencies and bottlenecks, and making changes to eliminate waste and enhance quality, businesses can gain a competitive edge, reduce expenses, and boost customer loyalty. This systematic approach has numerous advantages for businesses: reduced operating expenses; enhanced customer loyalty; less environmental impact; faster product development cycles. This can include automating processes, improving communication with suppliers and customers, and continuously monitoring operations for efficiency gains. Ultimately, optimizing the supply chain helps businesses boost profitability and achieve sustainable growth over time.

Business Intelligence Software

Our BI Tool helps companies gather, analyze, and visualize all of the logistical data in one location. Data visualization, reporting, analytics, and forecasting allow you to identify patterns, trends, and opportunities for improvement. Monitor your operations and make informed business decisions on improving efficiency and increasing profitability.

Through this type of solution, companies can gain invaluable insights into key shipping data like carrier performance, shipment volumes and transportation costs. Data can be utilized to optimize shipping operations, cut expenses and enhance customer service. Business intelligence software gives businesses a central platform to manage their shipping data, giving them real-time insight so they can make informed decisions. Furthermore, BI software helps businesses monitor carrier performance, track shipments and control inventory levels to guarantee products arrive on schedule with the correct quantities. In conclusion, BI software helps companies achieve greater efficiency in their shipping operations, reduce costs and boost customer satisfaction levels.

Technology Integration

Forget the inefficiencies of manual data transfer between systems and take advantage of a streamlined workflow with Hatfield and Associates API integration. Connect popular ERP systems like SAP, QAD, Oracle Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Acumatica all in one place. Boost productivity levels, accuracy rates and save time. Make managing your business operations simpler and more efficient than ever before!

Rate Negotiation Services​

Rate negotiations are the process of negotiating the cost of shipping goods or freight from one location to another. This process involves discussions between the shipper (the party that needs to transport goods) and the carrier (the party responsible for transporting the goods) to determine the most favorable shipping rates and transit times that meet the needs of both parties.

Freight audit and payment services are indispensable tools for businesses looking to optimize their shipping operations and cut costs. Freight audit and pay services enable businesses to identify and correct errors on their shipping invoices, such as incorrect billing rates, duplicate charges or unauthorized fees. Doing so can reduce costs while improving financial management. Additionally, freight audit and pay services offer businesses invaluable insight into their shipping operations, such as carrier performance, shipment volumes, and transportation costs. By using this data, businesses can make informed decisions to optimize their shipping processes and reduce expenses. Freight audit and pay services help businesses streamline operations, cut expenses, and enhance financial visibility and control.

Vendor Portal

Our state-of-the-art logistics vendor portal is an advanced solution designed to streamline collaboration between vendors and your organization – and makes managing logistics simpler than ever! With it at your side, logistics management becomes effortless!

Our vendor portal provides vendors with an intuitive user-experience that facilitates smooth interactions with the logistics system at your organization. They can access essential information, submit necessary documents and monitor shipment statuses real time from one centralized platform.

Cargo Claims Management Software

Streamline cargo claims management effortlessly with our user-friendly cargo claims software. Elevate your experience today! We understand that dealing with cargo claims can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive task. That’s why we offer a hassle-free solution that allows our customers to focus on their core business operations.

A cargo claim arises when the carrier encounters issues that result in damage or breakage to your shipped freight. In such cases, you are rightfully owed a refund or compensation. Our expert team is well-versed in navigating the complexities of cargo claims, leveraging their expertise to maximize your chances of a successful resolution.

With our cargo claims management service, you can liberate valuable resources as we handle the entire process on your behalf. We take care of filing each claim and meticulously tracking its progress, ensuring that every step is managed with precision and attention to detail.

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International Shipping Analysis & Audit

Hatfield and Associates utilizes our transportation network to provide a wide range of services including air, container, and LCL (Less than Container Load). Our experts will negotiate your best rates, leverage business volume with other accounts, and provide custom solutions that meet your company’s needs. Consultative Freight Management Services:
  • Pool distribution
  • LCL rate negotiations
  • Freight bill auditing
  • Comprehensive reporting through invoice data capture
  • Modeling
  • Center of gravity modeling
  • Strategic placements of distribution centers