Efficiently manage and optimize your transportation operations with TMS 2.0 management software

Our suite of top-tier freight audit & payment services will help you save more time, reduce costs, and improve productivity.


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Hatfield and associates freight audit & payment services

Streamline your transportation management process with the all new TMS 2.0

Our TMS System offers a comprehensive solution for managing your transportation needs, from freight tracking and optimization to carrier management and invoicing. With its intuitive user interface and powerful features, our TMS System helps you stay on top of your logistics operations and make data-driven decisions that save you time and money. Our TMS System can help you improve your transportation management process, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Let’s transform your logistics operations and help your business thrive!

Hatfield & Associates is a supply chain management company that specializes in: Logistics Support, Ocean Freight, FCL (Full Container Load), LCL (Less than Container Load), LTL (Less than Truckload), Truckload, Flat Bed, International Container Services, and Small Package. We work with our clients to reduce their overall transportation costs within all modes, and assist in developing a long term supply chain. We review your process and procedures to improve your transportation and reduce your cost per shipping unit. On average we reduce our clients total freight spend by 15-30%. Our data management and freight audit division creates and tailors custom applications for all your transportation needs.

Hatfield and Associates is an Asset to your company

Save 15-30% yearly

Streamline your shipping processes

Make Informed decisions

We are a SOC audited company!

Yearly SOC reviews ensure the security, integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of our customers data. Rest easy knowing that we follow all of the proper procedures to prevent fraud and more.

Freight Audit and Pay

Auditing and paying freight invoices is a time consuming and daunting task. The Hatfield and Associates team will receive, audit, manage, correct, code, and pay your freight invoices, to free up your team for more meaningful tasks.

By auditing each and every freight invoice, we catch errors and work with your carriers to resolve issues and retrieve service refunds. Through our freight audit and pay services, you will be able to view all of your paid invoices, upcoming payments, audits, and more. Simply pay your consolidated invoice and leave the rest to us!

Supply Chain Optimization

Optimizing your supply chain is one of the quickest ways to save your business money. Hatfield and Associates’ pairs our vast knowledge of the industry with our latest, in-house developed technology. By analyzing your current shipping methods, we can standardize your rates, optimize resources, and save you 15-30% on freight.

Transportation Management Software

Once we have optimized your supply chain, this information will be configured into our all new TMS 2.0 software. Our API capabilities allow us to integrate into your current systems, ensuring a hassle free shipping interface. This will help you stay on track by automating your processes and making it easy to manage and oversee through our vendor portal.

Business Intelligence Software

Our BI Tool helps companies gather, analyze, and visualize all of the logistical data in one location. Data visualization, reporting, analytics, and forecasting allow you to identify patterns, trends, and opportunities for improvement. Monitor your operations and make informed business decisions on improving efficiency and increasing profitability.

Technology Integration

Forget the inefficiencies of manual data transfer between systems and take advantage of a streamlined workflow with Hatfield and Associates API integration. Connect popular ERP systems like SAP, QAD, Oracle Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Acumatica all in one place. Boost productivity levels, accuracy rates and save time. Make managing your business operations simpler and more efficient than ever before!

Rate Negotiation Services

Rate negotiations are the process of negotiating the cost of shipping goods or freight from one location to another. This process involves discussions between the shipper (the party that needs to transport goods) and the carrier (the party responsible for transporting the goods) to determine the most favorable shipping rates that meet the needs of both parties.

Vendor Portal

Our state-of-the-art logistics vendor portal is an advanced solution designed to streamline collaboration between vendors and your organization – and makes managing logistics simpler than ever!

Cargo Claims

Enhance your cargo claims management experience with our efficient and comprehensive service. We understand that dealing with cargo claims can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive task. That’s why we offer a hassle-free solution that allows our customers to focus on their core business operations.

International Shipping Analysis

Hatfield and Associates utilizes our transportation network to provide a wide range of services including air, container, and LTL (Less than Truckload). Our experts will negotiate your best rates, leverage business volume with other accounts, and provide custom solutions that meet your company’s needs.