Small Parcel Audit: How it Can Save You Money and Enhance Efficiency in 2023

Small Parcel Audit: How it Can Save You Money and Enhance Efficiency in 2023

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In the dynamic world of business, small parcel shipping is a pivotal component for countless enterprises. Big and small businesses alike use popular carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL for quick and affordable deliveries. But with the surge in shipping volumes, the risk of errors, overcharges, and missed savings opportunities has also escalated. This is where the magic of a small parcel audit unfolds

What is a Small Parcel Audit?

A small parcel audit, also known as a parcel invoice audit, checks your company’s shipping data for mistakes and extra charges. This audit, done either in-house or by an external logistics company, checks package weight, size, service agreements, and extra fees. By scrutinizing these shipping records, businesses can pinpoint areas ripe for enhancement, ultimately leading to significant savings on shipping costs.


Why Every Business Should Consider It

Imagine saving thousands of dollars annually by keeping a vigilant eye on your shipping invoices. Small parcel audits are valuable for businesses aiming to rein in their shipping expenses and profit. Companies that don’t conduct audits often pay more for shipping, face double charges, or miss savings.

A comprehensive audit can spotlight errors like mislabeled packages or inaccurate weight measurements. Addressing these early on not only curtails shipping errors, but also supercharges the overall shipping performance.


The Benefits of Small Parcel Auditing:

1.) Cost Savings: At the forefront of benefits is the potential to save thousands of dollars. By dissecting shipping data, and shipping spend, businesses can identify and rectify overcharges or billing discrepancies. Additionally, leveraging parcel audit services can pave the way for better rate negotiations with carriers, culminating in long-term financial benefits.

2.) Enhanced Efficiency: Dive into your shipping data, and you might discover issues lurking in the shadows. By addressing these, businesses can streamline operations, diminish errors, and elevate customer satisfaction.

3.) Data-Driven Insights: Parcel audits offer invaluable insights into your shipping operations. Monitoring shipping volumes, carrier performance, and service levels becomes a breeze. With this data, businesses can make smart choices, improve processes, and maximize their shipping budget. 

4.) Strengthened Carrier Relationships: Regular audits foster healthier relationships with carriers. Resolve issues promptly and amicably to build trust and deepen the bond between businesses and their carriers.


Parcel Audit Software: The Modern Solution 

In today’s tech-driven era, many businesses are turning to parcel audit software to automate the auditing process. Such software not only saves time, but also enhances accuracy. It provides detailed analytics, helping shippers make informed decisions. With automatic error checks, businesses can catch all hidden charges and get every refund. Check out our freight audit and pay software here: parcel auditing service.


Other Important Information to Consider:

Decoding Carrier Invoices 

Carrier invoices are more than just bills; they’re a treasure trove of information. Each invoice has different data points, showing everything from delivery dates to package sizes. When businesses work with several shipping carriers, understanding these invoices becomes even more crucial. By doing so, they can easily spot and correct duplicate charges or other mistakes.

Why Your Carrier Contract Matters 

A carrier contract is like a roadmap for your shipping journey. It spells out the do’s and don’ts for both the business and the shipping carrier. Having a clear contract helps avoid confusion and ensures both sides know what to expect. It’s not just paperwork; it’s a shield against potential disputes. 

Making the Most of the Refund Process 

No system is perfect. Sometimes, because human errors or billing mistakes, overcharges happen. Sometimes, service failures can lead to unexpected costs.

By knowing how refunds work, businesses can easily recover any money they shouldn’t have paid, maximizing their shipping expenses. 

The Magic of a Freight Audit 

Think of a freight audit as a health check for your shipping operations. It looks at everything, from billing errors to service hiccups. 

This audit isn’t just about finding mistakes, it’s about improving the whole system. By catching errors, whether from human slip-ups or carrier mistakes, businesses can only pay for what they should. In the end, a freight audit can be the key to unlocking significant savings in your shipping budget. 


For businesses that lean heavily on small parcel shipping, audits are not just beneficial—they’re essential. By carefully checking carrier bills and using parcel audit software, businesses can ensure they don’t miss any savings. In the fast-paced business landscape of 2023, staying competitive means being proactive. And with the potential savings from these audits, your bottom line will thank you. 

Dive into the world of small parcel audits. Hatfield and Associates is at your service, ensuring you make the most of every shipping dollar.

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Q: What is a small parcel audit?

A: A small parcel audit is the process of reviewing and analyzing shipping invoices to ensure that the shipping carrier has charged the correct amount for shipping services. This includes checking for errors, overcharges, and other discrepancies.

Q: Why Should I Conduct a These Types of Audits?

A: Conducting a small parcel audit can help you identify potential cost savings opportunities and recover overcharges from carriers. It also allows the identification of trends and patterns in your shipping data, which could inform future shipping decisions.

Q: Who Can Benefit From this type of Audit?

A: Any business that ships small parcels can benefit from conducting a small parcel audit, including e-commerce businesses, retailers, manufacturers and distributors.

Q: How Can I Conduct a Small Parcel Audit?

A: You have several options for conducting this audit. You can manually review shipping invoices and compare them against your shipping data, or you can use software that automates the auditing process.

Q: What are the advantages of using a software as a solution?

A: Utilizing such software can save time and improve accuracy in small parcel auditing tasks. Plus, it offers detailed analytics and reporting that help shippers make informed decisions.

Q: How Much Can I Save Through a Small Parcel Audit?

A: The amount you save depends on several factors, including the size and scope of your business and volume of shipments. On average, businesses typically save between 2-10% in shipping expenses through auditing.

Q: How often should I conduct a small parcel audit?

A: It is recommended that you conduct at least one small parcel audit a year. Depending on your shipping volume and desired cost savings level, more frequent audits may be conducted.

Q: When searching for a solution, what should I look for?

A: When selecting an auditing provider for small parcels, look for one that provides comprehensive reporting and analytics as well as an easy-to-use user interface. Furthermore, consider their experience and reputation within the industry.

Q: How can I begin an audit?

A: You have two options for conducting your audit: manually or using software. If you opt for the latter, many offer free trials or demos so that you can determine if it’s suitable for your business.